About us

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AOTOM Group founded in 2001

Is a professional semiconductor device Supply Company. Under six subsidiaries, the Group is headquartered in Cadre Centre Building, Nanshan, Shenzhen. Aotom employs over 2000 people, mainly related to the investment industry, LED lighting industry, semiconductor microelectronics industry, high-definition camera industry, the cloud storage industry, the city's new media industry and supply chain services industry. The company vigorously promote the construction of modern, innovative and high-tech enterprises, accurate grasp the latest market demands and changes in the world's leading product development technology, has reached the best condition of optimal allocation of resources.

Aotom Mission Statement

Aotom is committed to manufacture high quality LED light products by using the latest cutting-edge materials and technology to reduce carbon footprint and preserve the environment. Aotom is the Leader when it comes to LED lighting, by revolutionizing the construction methods and processing technologies of LED manufacturing. Aotom also invests in research and development for an impeccable, ever-improving product. The LED products are long lasting and suitable for any weather conditions or temperature. Aotom has a large workforce of over 1500 employees; we are able to go that extra step and strive for less perfection. Aotom supplies a wide range of high quality LED products with the ability to tailor any LED product according to the clients’ specifications or requirements.